Delivering control, visibility, and quality logistics services


Port Logistics Group’s gateway transportation logistics services are a critical component of our third-party logistics solutions. Our services start with fast, efficient port drayage and airport recovery and extend to transloading, domestic vendor consolidation, retail store deliveries, and multi-mode national transportation.



Gateway Drayage Entrust the critical drayage process to Port Logistics Group, an experienced, reliable partner well-versed in the special requirements of each gateway location. Drayage from locations in Los Angeles - Long Beach, New York - New Jersey, Seattle - Tacoma, and Savannah to warehouses nearby offer the versatility to meet your transportation needs.

Transloading & Cross-docking Reduce transit time and cost with our capabilities for direct transloading and sorting by destination, as well as significant storage and warehousing facilities.

Vendor Consolidation A full service third-party logistics provider, we save you time and money (and avoid the need for mix DCs) by integrating goods from domestic and international vendors, managing pick-ups, and fulfilling customer orders anywhere in the country.


Dedicated Store Delivery Port Logistics Group is a true retail partner, providing the specialized equipment and experienced drivers − plus a dedicated customer service team for your business − to handle the most demanding retail deliveries.

Transportation Management Systems Our advanced TMS provides full visibility and control of your goods through drayage, vendor consolidation, store delivery, and national transport, and ensures seamless integration between transportation and delivery systems.