Transloading & Cross-docking

Great speed, great space

Port Logistics Group helps reduce transit time and cost by efficiently transloading containers to outbound trailers. Our gateway facilities are designed for direct transloading and sorting by destination, using automated induction and high-speed conveyors. Ample storage allows us to combine inbound freight with replenishment inventory to support store and DC operations. We also offer container freight station and bonded warehouse services at all of our gateway locations. 

  • Transload and cross-dock facilities near major port and airport locations
  • Large container/trailer storage yards and significant dock-door capacity
  • RF scanning in and out/manifesting
  • Freight prioritization and allocation
  • Integrated solutions from pier to DC or customer
  • Complete order visibility from pickup through delivery
  • Intermodal inbound and outbound solutions (container/rail/TL/LTL)

They're an extension of our business, and they know that whatever the changes, whatever the requirements, they've got to get our product out the door and in the stores on time.

Marv Leto
Perry Ellis