Port Logistics Group is taking a leading role in sustainability strategies for transportation and logistics. We’re finding ways to reduce fuel, waste, and disposal costs, and implementing sustainable strategies at key points in the supply chain.

Green trucks

We are converting local drayage and delivery fleets to new clean power. In 2010, we completed the conversion of our LA fleet to meet the stringent clean air standards for the ports in the state of California.

SmartWay certification

We operate SmartWay certified fleets. This EPA-sponsored program helps carriers “improve fuel efficiency by implementing strategies such as idle reduction, improved aerodynamics, weight reduction, and using low rolling resistance tires. Implementing driving practices such as speed control, progressive shifting and optimal gearing also boosts fuel efficiency.”

Renewable energy

We’re testing solar power arrays in our NJ operations, with plans to expand the program to take advantage of 6.5 million square feet of warehouse roof available for solar installation. We see this as a first step toward developing zero carbon footprint warehouse operations nationwide.

Carbon footprint reduction

Our local operations use recycling, green packaging, and automatic lighting solutions to reduce waste and energy usage. In Los Angeles, our off-peak operations for LA port drayage reduce wait time and idle time for our trucks, significantly reducing carbon emissions. These local efforts, combined with our national initiatives above, make up the Port Logistics Group “GatewayGreen” project.

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