National footprint

The ports in the four corners of the U.S. serve nearly 80% of the import freight volume. We’re uniquely positioned to manage your inbound goods with 6.5 million square feet of multi-client and dedicated warehouse space in and around the ports of New York/New Jersey, LA/Long Beach, Savannah and Seattle.

Big box experts

Failure to comply with retailer rules can mean costly penalties and a damaged relationship. That’s why it’s important to work with a logistics company that knows the rule book for every retailer, backward and forward.

We manage complex, high-volume orders to nearly all major U.S. retailers and we understand their unique requirements. Our expertise in routing and vendor compliance allows you to avoid costly chargebacks, adjust quickly to new requirements, and easily add new retailers and programs.

Fast, efficient, high-volume transload and crossdock

Our logistics and warehousing gateway facilities closest to the ports are designed to manage everything from quick-turn transloading to complex crossdocks with automated induction and high-speed conveyors. Ample storage allows us to combine inbound freight with replenishment inventory to support store and DC operations. We also offer container freight station and bonded warehouse services at all of our gateway locations.

Cost-effective, reliable DC bypass

Shipping goods to the center of the country, only to then ship them back to the coasts, is a costly and time-consuming process. To make your supply chain more efficient, we can segregate orders by geography and deliver your goods directly to customers near the port of entry. By cutting the centralized distribution center out of your supply chain, our DC bypass services shorten the time-to-market and save significant transportation cost.

State-of-the-art warehouse management

All of our logistics and warehousing facilities are equipped with advanced systems and technology for high levels of inventory visibility, control, and accuracy. Our proprietary WMS, Event Tracker (eVT), manages warehouse resources, including space, labor, equipment, tasks, and material flows, to deliver streamlined operations that can significantly reduce costs.
We take a flexible approach to WMS deployment, using both eVT and customer systems in our operations. Whichever WMS you use, you’ll have continuous visibility to your inventory.

Watch our WMS capabilities video:

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