Integration and technology

Connectivity to you and your customers

We are integration specialists, with expertise in everything from standard EDI to the latest APIs. For fast, cost-effective integration, we employ an in-house team that can also manage integration to ecommerce platforms and the leading ERP systems.

Advanced WMS platform

We built our proprietary warehouse management system, Event Tracker (eVT), to address the unique challenges of retail and ecommerce fulfillment. Event Tracker provides complete, real-time distribution life-cycle management for even the most complex inventory management and fulfillment challenges.

Watch to learn more about our unique WMS system:

Visibility across your network and channels

Event Tracker provides real-time visibility into multiple virtual inventories and multiple channel order demand against a single physical inventory. You receive continuous, accurate data about orders and inventory, giving your supply chain the flexibility to respond to actual customer demand in real-time.

WMS flexibility: your system or ours

We take a flexible approach to WMS deployment. Our team can run operations using either Event Tracker or the WMS platform you’re already using. We have experience operating most Tier 1 WMS systems, so our in-house WMS experts can quickly implement your existing WMS platform.

Optimized ecommerce

Specialized ecommerce capabilities are fully integrated into every step of our ecommerce fulfillment. For fast, accurate picking, we employ our EventPick module. We also offer value added services like specialized labeling, gift cards and return label printing at every facility, with integrated parcel carrier selection/optimization services that give you real-time feedback on shipment costs and rates.

Always ready

Downtime isn’t an option in the retail world. Port Logistics Group operates a fully-redundant off-site backup for our WMS in a secure data center. Because of our enterprise scale, volume is never an issue and we sustain high availability for the demands of retail shipping.

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