Port Logistics Group Adds to Omni-channel Capabilities with EventPick

October 30, 2014

New module of proprietary EventTracker WMS delivers optimal pick strategies from a single, virtual inventory

HOUSTON, October 30, 2014 /PR Newswire/ — Port Logistics Group, the nation’s leading provider of gateway logistics services, today announced a major enhancement to the company’s proprietary Warehouse Management System (WMS), EventTracker. The new EventPick module optimizes item picking for the highly complex, SKU intensive picking process of eCommerce fulfillment. It is integrated with the company’s logistics management technology, allowing optimum flexibility and improved shipping productivity at all of Port Logistics Group’s gateway logistics facilities.

“Our number one request from customers today is to add eCommerce fulfillment to their existing retail and wholesale distribution service,” said Jim Stephens, Chief Information Officer of Port Logistics Group. “With more and more customers pursuing an omni-channel distribution strategy from a single physical inventory, the ability to pick efficiently from a large number of SKU facings is critical to keeping costs low while meeting same-day and next-day shipping requirements.”

EventPick uses advanced optimization techniques to allow Port Logistics Group associates to pick multiple orders simultaneously along a continuous pick path, reducing travel time and increasing order accuracy. The system is entirely paperless, supports a high picking rate, and is simple to use, reducing training time and allowing for fast implementation. Pick instructions are downloaded to a “smart cart” sub-system that determines the size of order clusters based on the number of orders and the cart container types.

Stephens likens EventPick to a mobile “pick-to-light” system, using tested pick-to-light strategies in an innovative, low cost and highly flexible environment. “This system creates a bridge for customers who don’t yet have the volumes for our fully automated solutions but have a fast growing eCommerce channel.”

CONTACT: Greg Morello | Chief Marketing Officer | Port Logistics Group | gmorello@portlogisticsgroup.com