Children’s apparel company utilizes PLG’s West Coast facilities to speed cycle times and reduce costs

The Challenge

With company owned and operated distribution facilities on the East Coast, the children’s apparel company who licenses and distributes national brands, was looking for an import solution for its Asian manufactured merchandise. In order to remain competitive from both a costing and speed to market perspective, the company needed to develop a West Coast strategy.

The Solution

Port Logistics Group and the apparel company partnered to provide full case shipping for many of its larger customers. Working together, they designed a warehousing and distribution space on the West Coast that created a more effective solution for distributing Asian originated merchandise throughout the U.S. – decreasing the time it took for the company to get its goods from overseas to the U.S. and reducing overall supply chain costs.

The Results

Port Logistics Group engineered a lean warehouse solution on the West Coast by creating narrow aisle racks and leveraging its garment on hanger services to reduce the company’s original warehouse footprint and increase labor productivity.

In addition, by utilizing services and facilities on the West Coast, the apparel company eliminated 7-10 days of travel time on imported merchandise and saved substantially on shipping costs by importing the goods through Port Logistics Group’s facilities in Los Angeles.

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