Ecommerce fulfillment

Executing a flawless ecommerce experience is harder than it looks. Our direct-to-consumer order fulfillment makes it easier. A lot easier.

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Delighting your customers, one order at a time

We’ll make sure your brand makes a positive impression every time. Our proprietary EventPick order system optimizes route picking for accuracy, efficiency and decreased order-to-ship time. Then our experienced ecommerce order fulfillment team is ready to do gift-wrapping, specialized packaging, gift cards, or personalized notes – those final touches that make each customer experience a good one.

Powered by Whiplash

Connected, scalable, personalized. Our ecommerce platform from Whiplash connects to major shopping carts to get you up and running as fast as your business moves. And the personalized interface lets you view, pause, edit and cancel orders up until the moment they ship. See the technology in action here.

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Parcel shipping optimization

For every ecommerce retailer, managing shipping costs is critical. We drive down shipping rates by leveraging our relationships, reputation, and volume business with established carriers. Plus, our shipping optimization software manages multiple service levels, multiple carriers, manifesting, address validation, and the complexities of matching customer requests to the right shipping method.

Worry-free fulfillment processes make your ecommerce store easier to grow.

Ecommerce fulfillment just got easier!

Whether you’re struggling with timely order fulfillment, searching for a partner who can truly deliver your brand’s unique experience, or shopping for a competitive fulfillment provider—You + PLG = A Perfect Pair.

See how easy it is to get started and read about Alex’s ecommerce shipping adventure!

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Seamless integration with your ecommerce platform

It’s a given that today’s warehouse systems need to be able to receive orders from the industry’s most powerful ecommerce platforms. Our in-house integration team and decades of experience in complex order management deliver the icing on the cake – fast implementation and flawless execution.

Scalable drop ship programs

Orders placed on popular 3rd party sites can ship directly to your customer from a Port Logistics Group facility anywhere in the country. We’ll help you maintain your brand experience with easy integration to 3rd party platforms, customized packing slips and complete inventory control.

Easy to use client portal

We know you need real time, accurate inventory and order visibility. But what about web-based visibility into everything you need to know to run your business? Our customer portal gives your team effortless access to billing, support, and activity across all your customers – from any device, anywhere in the world.

International shipping and global/cross-border logistics

Looking to expand to a global customer base? We’ll ship your goods to end consumers across the European Union and Asia – and save you money by partnering with international shipping companies that provide a wide array of third party distribution solutions in the countries you’re shipping to.

Worry-free returns

Customer satisfaction with any online transaction depends on an easy, convenient returns process. We’ll make sure that your goods are inspected, processed, and returned to inventory for resale quickly and accurately – adding value without additional cost to you.

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