Wholesale distribution

You can count on our scalable wholesale distribution solutions to deliver flexibility, speed and accuracy at every link in your supply chain

Seamless transitions at the port of entry

Accurate shipment routing – right every time

When you’re shipping to the big retail stores, it pays to know the rules. As a national wholesale distribution company, we manage orders to nearly all major U.S. retailers, so we’re experts in the complex world of retail routing requirements. Our routing and compliance specialists will help you stay compliant with retailer rules – and avoid costly chargebacks.

Established connections

Take advantage of our longtime relationships with the nation’s largest retailers. Our connections mean established EDI integration, including ASNs, for nearly every major U.S. retailer. We can synchronize our proprietary inventory management system seamlessly with yours, or we can implement your WMS in our facilities.

Onsite value added services

As an experienced wholesale distribution company, we’ll do whatever it takes to get your product prepped for sale efficiently, accurately, and onsite. That’s why every one of our facilities is equipped to provide a complete selection of industry standard value added services – everything from re-ticketing and price changes to kitting, sub-assemblies, repacking, and even light manufacturing.

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Order fulfillment to the most demanding retailers

Agility and accuracy are the keys to our wholesale distribution operations. We handle the most demanding wholesale distribution order programs and SKU profiles, combining SKU-, and case-level picking seamlessly. Plus, we take care of a wide range of value added services on site, including kitting, pre-packs, and quality inspections – so that all your goods are store-ready when they reach the DC.

Smart solutions designed for you

Our engineers and operations experts start every client engagement with an engineered facility layout, including detailed workflow processes. Whether you need a large, dedicated facility with full automation or efficient space in a multi-client operation, we’ll design, implement, and operate a solution that works for you.

Reduced costs and transit times

Our strategic national footprint can help you minimize your freight and distribution costs – and your transit times. With multiple warehouse facilities at the four major U.S. gateway locations, our operations support quick, accurate delivery to any distribution center nationwide, whether your goods arrive in a single port or multiple locations.

Some of our wholesale distribution clients

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